Playmakers® certification

How do you lead a succesful project balancing quality, goodwill and budget when your team might be a mix of primadonnas, introverts, impatient or dominant personality profiles?

From outside, project management is often seen as merely planning and budgeting. In real life, the project managers have to juggle between consciously leading a diverse team and cope with changes in expectations from the organisation.

Playing the role of a Project Manager the art is to be clear on your different team members  commitment, clarity and role in the different project phases. Skills in motivation, conflict management, communication and decision making will all come in handy here.

Playmakers® is a leadership simulation focused on developing exactly these skills that lead to high-performing teams and successful project management. The game is based upon a concrete case with three phases with unforeseen difficulties. You will need to consider the different personalities and competencies of your team members while balancing the organisation and the project triangle; budget, schedule & goodwill. 

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As a certified facilitator you will be able to help managers or project leaders train and test different strategies before they really matter.


  • Understanding of how game-based simulations can accelerate learning and organisational efficiency
  • Hands-on experience with Playmakers® and overview of the recognized theories it has been built on – for anchoring learnings in your organizational culture.
  • The skills and competencies to facilitate Playmakers® in different situations; for team development, leader development or organizational development
  • An opportunity to network with other professionals and learn from their experiences
  • A unique tool that guarantees full engagement for every participant


The certification course is for professionals who work with training, project management and leadership development in large organizations, either in an internal capacity or as external consultants or academics. Previous experience with facilitation and leadership training is recommended.


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